The most powerful and expensive detectors of professional level can provide depth up to 150 cm. During the work, metal detectors emit very small amounts of non-ionizing radiation, but it is way less than what most of the people experience on a daily basis. You will need an expensive model only if you are seriously interested in this hobby and planning to use it on various types of ground or for searching deep items. No, as long as you are not hunting in prohibited areas where digging is not allowed. You do not have to use it, but doing this will prolong the life of the coil.

Before you purchase a metal detector, be sure to seek advice from those who know more about it. It means your metal detector could also be set off by deposits of minerals in the soil.

Highly mineralized soils tend to give out lots of signals that metal detectors love to pick up. Turn it up, and the detector will alert you to everything – sometimes even minerals in the soil. Especially as it has the coveted autotrac ground balance – more on that later. The Bounty Hunter TK4 (great name!) is one of the best starter metal detectors on the market. I recommend reading that page if you’re looking for a children’s detector – although there is some overlap in models.

If you want to save time, dig fewer holes, and focus only on finding good targets. For many of the entry-level detectors, the ground balancing will be preset. In this paragraph, I’ll try to explain them in an easy way.

The machine still picks coins and other metallic items in jewelry mode. In jewelry mode, it detects jewelry and reject iron and gave no signal whatsoever. The other best thing about 150 detectors is toned; tones become very easy and clear to understand after getting used to the machine. Battery life is also a great feature of Garrett Ace 150.

An excellent choice for the beginner/intermediate enthusiast in the sub $250 range. Do your research by reading reviews from trusted experts such as ourselves so that you have the knowledge to identify different features when it comes to treasure hunters. Their conviction might result in a willingness to splurge on one of the higher-priced beginner options instead of opting for a lower-priced model. Keep in mind that waterproof is not the same as salt waterproof.

False signals are basically those which are generated from trash and other fine iron particles. So, you need to pick the one which is user-friendly, accurate, portable and waterproof. There are some metal detectors which can work only on land. The metal detectors can detect almost all types of metals like coins, jewellery and other relics like brass and lead.

This is one of hobby metal detectors which have a very simplifed system, but highly efficient so you can be sure you will have positive resutls. The device is 9 inches long, 6 inches wide and 22 inches high.

The first one on the left is for iron, the second one (from 2 to is for gold and the third one (from 6 to is for silver. It has a pinpoint button, which is very similar to the Garrett ACE 300 (a popular device that I’ll present later on in this article). Do you know what you need in a detector as a beginner? An easy to view, well laid out control box is an important element in any metal detectors for beginners kits.

Experts say that, if you are taking your treasure hunting seriously, you should buy the best metal detector you can afford. However, when a person is just starting out with metal detecting, it’s difficult to know what all the features of a metal detector are, or what features will be best for their needs. As you remember, the metal detector coil detects signal distortions obtained from entry level metal detector metal objects under ground. Such a difference in size between the target and the coil multiplied by a swing (a pass of metal detector coil above the target) provides you with quite an approximate location of the target. These groups partially intersect – ground metal detectors may have waterproof coils and control units which allows using them over the coast land for treasure hunting.