With the world accepting the fact that every company now is a tech company, no matter what its size or what product or service it offers, hiring the best developers is crucial to survival. It’s a totally viable decision to fully outsource the tech side of your business. This generally speaking means that you won’t be hiring individual developers, you would be hiring developer companies. If your startup is very tech-centric, there would probably be enough work to go around.

When you want to hire a programmer, experience is important. In fact, almost 69% of startups consider experience as one of the most important hiring criteria. Cultural fit only comes in second with almost 60% of startups saying it’s important.

Instead, consider hiring a young engineer who knows one programming language well—he or she will be able to learn others, given the opportunity. Give your new programmer time on the job to devote to professional development, with opportunities to take part in tutorial programs through Codecademy and other education platforms. At Instore, we hired a server-side developer with limited server management experience and are training him to manage our infrastructure in addition to his coding responsibilities. Mobilunity is providing highly professional level software development services to numerous startup companies across the globe. It is a Ukraine based service provider of the dedicated developer to the startups for very competitive and fixed prices without any hidden charges at all.

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A study doneby Freelancers Union and Upwork found that 35% of Americans worked as freelancers in 2018—and a similar number is likely to be found in workforces similar to that of the United States. The same can be said of Bill Gates and Paul Allen, the two iconic Microsoft founders, who were high-school friends before they founded their company in 1975. If you look at successful startup partnerships in history, where there was at least one technical cofounder and a non-technical one, you’ll see that most of them were born from their own networks. AmongFortune 500 companies, 31 belong to the software industry, with combined revenues above $400 billion. But it brings quite a few drawbacks, too, especially in terms of costs.

In today’s tech-driven world, sourcing and hiring the right tech talent for your team is a huge challenge. By entrusting product development to an outsourced team with a project manager, you can win more time for strategic tasks. The tech aspect of your startup is going to be in good hands.

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This solves the problem of how to validate the professional level of a candidate as well as gives your software engineers the chance to ask specific questions relevant for your system. It Cloud Application Security is impossible to get more insights and be more hands-on than that. It is not always easy to find the right tradeoff between experience, the ability to adapt to new situations and salary.

A direct consequence of this that time is lost from actual product development. Given the importance of a developer’s time in the context of a startup’s growth, this becomes a tough decision to make. Normally, the outsourcing startup engineer salary who is experienced and skilled software developers are very high, which is not possible for a startup company to bear.

How To Write A Job Description To Hire A Startup Developer

When you hire a programmer to make an app, they will ask for a breakdown of the user journey. That’s why creating a UX map is good for you, your future application developers, and your end-user. Once the product’s design & architecture is finalized & Rapid Application Development your team gets down to coding. There is no scope to backtrack & change the tech stack or the architecture. Go to offline conferences and hackathons and use online forums such as on Quora, Reddit or StartUp Nation to sneak in the technical network.

Webinars & events Connect with our team of Workable experts and other industry professionals. Ask questions, find answers, get tips, and dig deeper into our product. Before working with a recruiter make sure you’ve invested time in really hiring programmers for startup training them on how to pitch your company well. I’d give them all the information they need, give them a day to prepare and then ask them to pitch it back to you. Repeat ad infinitum, I know public company founders who still do this.

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This is a similar question to the in-house vs freelance decision. Generally speaking, local would give you more convenience and intangible benefits (similar culture, same time-zone, easier communication, etc.) while overseas would cost less money. As mentioned above, if tech as a whole isn’t a point of differentiation and added value in your startup, then hiring a CTO might be redundant even when your business is growing. When searching for a non-founder CTO, you are generally speaking offering a salary alongside any performance-based pay. This means that the pool of candidates would be much larger compared to your pool of candidates for the co-founder position.

Don’t just use a shotgun approach and see what falls down from the heaven on your desk. If it seems hard to attract talented programmers in the USA, the UK or Germany – go try your luck in Spain. How to Create a Mobile App Salaries are half of what is paid in Northern Europe and even less compared to the USA. Investments in startups in Southern Europe increase although not fast enough to catch up anytime soon.

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One way is to ask him or her to write a program from scratch. “Have them prototype your ideas to get a sense of their speed, accuracy, attention to detail, creativity and, perhaps most importantly, how well you work together,” says Samid, who is 38. Samid says he and Ouzan brainstormed together for weeks and asked Ouzan to prototype their ideas. “After this exercise, I knew Raphael was the ideal technologist to help me build BillGuard,” he says. Instead, startups are recruiting programmers by making them co-founders and partners. Having an equity stake and the freedom to shape the technical direction of the startup can be big incentives to landing a great, full-time programmer, Hoover says.

  • First, it’s the nature of their professional environment.
  • In this series, we’ll talk about Blue Matador’s approach to the hiring process as well as the insights I’ve gained as CTO.
  • In traditional tech hiring processes, you invite applications, screen manually, interview shortlisted candidates, and finally hire.
  • If your startup is very tech-centric, there would probably be enough work to go around.
  • Key ResponsibilitiesA mobile app developer’s core responsibility is to build native applications with platform-specific features and functionalities.

It used the services of outsourced employees and freelancer developers for the development of its flagship product. Now, this company has become the owner of the successful brands in the marketplace. Blockchain as a Service The entire work of a software developer is technical, complex, and abstract—if you aren’t aware of the skills it takes to hire a great developer, you won’t be able to make a smart hiring decision.

Likewise, a punctual individual shows commitment, ultimately leading to completing the job with precision, fewer errors, and on time. Hard Skills pertain to technical and subject-specific knowledge. However, if some candidates are not comfortable coming for a face to face interaction, be ready with your online setup. For conducting the interview, both offline and online ways will work superbly.

More likely than not there is a Facebook group in your area for people looking to hire a programmer online. Do you want to hire a programmer that will work on a team? Depending on the role, the soft skills you include on your job description will vary.

What Kind Of Developer Is Better To Hire For A Startup?

Lots of startups use developers for customer support to create a connection between the customers’ needs and the technical team. The very first part, is obviously the job description title. It needs to be specific, with the main technology and framework skills required. So be specific with the startup environment, the required knowledge and the position. The remote development team may lack knowledge about your product. We always lack it, and we typically need everything done yesterday.

At the same time, you may not have started your UX or system model design – i.e., how it’s going to do it. After all, if you are looking to hire software programmers you need to make sure they actually know the technologies you need and have skills to implement and maintain hiring programmers for startup them. Money and effort are worth it when hiring reliable developers. Otherwise, there’s a lot to lose when dealing with an inexperienced or unscrupulous contractor. When you’re hiring individual specialists, start with their CV and look for experience and expertise.

However, the important thing to keep in mind is that the technology stack differs much from the mobile app and web development, building a payment gateway or delivering a business analytics solution. Here at IT Svit, we know this is quite an efficient approach, as around 70% of our customers are referred to us by our previous clients and partners. In such circumstances, it is very clear that the remote hiring of software developers is more suitable for the startup companies as compared to the local hiring of the software engineers. If the company hires a local software developer, it will have to pay higher and abide by many legal, governmental, social security and other rules. Thus, it will incur huge cost of hiring a local software developer for a startup company.